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Enda kvinnor CD tribute par guangzhou

Original Swedish text follows translation. Special thanks to Olle Niklasson for his permission. When Joni Mitchell's debut, Song to a Seagull, was released in Marchshe was seen not only as the most talented female songwriter from her generation, she also had one of the most lucrative publishing contracts thanks to others' recordings of her songs. The previous year, Judy Collins had recorded her version of Both sides now and not only received a hit on the Billboard charts, she was awarded a Grammy in the category Best folk performance and also received a gold record for the sales successes. Joni Mitchell has never made any secret of her dislike of Collins, whom she called mannered and pretentious, and her version of the song that has become a musical icon over time, but Judy Collins is in good company. The only people Joni Mitchell admitted that she has seen up to is Pablo Picasso - she sees herself primarily as a visual artist - and Miles Davis. Otherwise, Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan may be the only contemporaries she considered to be fairly equal, at least In terms of text. Higher thoughts about their musicality, she has never had. David Crosby once described Joni Mitchell as modest as Mussolini and one can be forgiven for believing that it is not primarily for the sake of alliteration he chose the comparison with the Italian fascist dictator.

Evenemang hösten 2020

Anette Sidsten Träffa singlar från hela Sverige på Mötesplatsen Jag blev så mager så det såg ut som försåvitt jag skulle gå av på centrum. Det var så jobbigt att fånga hand om barnen och känna att jag inte var tillräckligt stark. Frågorna bara snurrade: Vad händer nu? Hurdan ska mitt liv bli? Men allting det där är ett avslutat avsnitt nu. Jag hade just fått lite kontroll igen efter de här kaosåren. Jag var ensam med killarna samt mådde så bra i det, sökte ingen ny man.

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